PHANTOM BUNCH is a series of a bunch of 3D NFTs. First generation consists of 187 carefully handcrafted Phantoms, which we call the Originals. Phantom Bunch Descendants are the second generation of Phantom Bunch project. Phantom Bunch Descendants consists of 387 Phantoms of which 87 are handcrafted Phantoms. Holding a Phantom from either of the generations provide access to the features that will be implemented into the Phantomverse in the near future.


Why Phantom Bunch?

Even though Phantom Bunch is not exactly a DAO, it surely acts like one. The community, especially holders of Phantom Bunch and Descendants, have a strong voice when it comes to decision-making. By holding one, you're not just getting a cute but spooky companion. You are also getting the right to be a decision maker in our community. The real deal is of course the Phantomverse we're working on. Duelling, land owning, farming etc. A lot of things are being developed as we speak. 2022 will be our year and when Fantom gets the exposure it deserves, we will be there with open arms to embrace the influx of people. We will become one of the blue chip NFTs of Fantom Ecosystem. After reading this, do you want to mint one? Click on the button below to go to the minting site. If the minting is over there is always the secondary market.


What the future holds or more traditionally: Roadmap

We started with the first generation, or as we'd like to call it:
The Originals.
This first generation consists of 187 handmade Phantoms. Carefully created and handpicked from almost 250 different creations. The sale was a huge success. 120 minutes after the launch, we were minted out.
Before the sale, we did auction two pieces at the Fantom Art Collective's very first auction and both our Phantoms attracted a lot of people which resulted in people battling each other to get those two Phantoms.
We wanted to try a different approach in the second generation where we wanted go and explore the idea of having a generative collection. What we think about this exploration? We think, Phantom Bunch should stay as a handmade only collection for the generations that will follow in the future.
But whatever, we launched with 1087 pieces where 1000 were generative and 87 were handmade. We then decided to reduce the supply to 387, which meant a higher chance of landing a handmade Phantom. We have a gitbook page for this. It is easier to read this over there. Try that with the button below.

Who ıs behınd thıs project?

Who is behind Phantom Bunch?

It started in March or April 2021 with the first creations of Phantoms. REGEN started to create the first ones which then didn't make it to the final cut but still those ones are the first Phantoms that started tis journey. But right now, REGEN is not the only person behind Phantom Bunch. There is a whole community of people and with the support and feedback of those fine people, this projects continues to live on. The core team is expanding slowly but continuously to make the plans of the roadmap come true. We have so much in the pipeline. We need power.



What is this supposed to mean? Well, I guess it is now the trend to launch a token for the project. Whether it has any utility behind it or not but we don't want to launch our token without any usecase because it just drops if there is nothing that's supporting the token. It is essential that our holders can benefit from the NFTs they're holding. Therefore, Phantom Bunch wants to create a system, a miniverse or the Phantomverse where our holders can stake their Phantoms, independent of the generation of the Phantom itself, to earn our very own token called $LAUGH. We want to make this token our in-verse currency to have this token spent by our holders inside the Phantomverse. Fighting arenas where you can send your Phantoms to fight each other. Depending on the generation and whether it is handmade or not, different coefficients for the possibility of winning. So much more will follow but we have to start somewhere. The name $LAUGH is inspired by the cute spookiness of Monsters INC. There will be a button soon enough to send you to one of the major decentralized exchanges so you can buy $LAUGH. Oh, even thinking about it makes me happy.